Adam D. Todd

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OBJECTIVES To: (1) determine the percentage of the population in England that have access to a community pharmacy within 20 min walk; (2) explore any relationship between the walking distance and urbanity; (3) explore any relationship between the walking distance and social deprivation; and (4) explore any interactions between urbanity, social deprivation(More)
It is widely acknowledged that patients—particularly those late in life—are frequently exposed to the harms of medication. To minimize these harms, several frameworks have been developed by which prescribing can be optimized. In the context of diminishing life expectancy, these frameworks can be used to reduce medications that are no longer necessary, but(More)
OBJECTIVES To systematically review the effectiveness of community pharmacy-delivered interventions for alcohol reduction, smoking cessation and weight management. DESIGN Systematic review and meta-analyses. 10 electronic databases were searched from inception to May 2014. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR SELECTING STUDIES STUDY DESIGN randomised and(More)
Background Polypharmacy—taking five or medications per day—is common in lung cancer patients. This patient group is prescribed medication to control acute symptoms associated with cancer and also to prevent or treat other long-term conditions. These medications increase the pill burden for the patient and also the probability of developing a drug-related(More)
OBJECTIVES (1) To determine the percentage of the population in England that has access to a general practitioner (GP) premises within a 20 min walk (the accessibility); (2) explore the relationship between the walking distance to a GP premises and urbanity and social deprivation and (3) compare accessibility of a GP premises to that of a community(More)
An integrated curriculum is one where the summation of different academic disciplines forms a coherent whole and, importantly, where the relationships between the different disciplines have been carefully and strategically considered when forming the composite. Within pharmacy curriculum integration is important in order to produce graduates who have the(More)
BACKGROUND Community pharmacists can deliver health care advice at an opportunistic level, related to prescription or non-prescription medicines and as part of focused services designed to reduce specific risks to health. Obesity, smoking and excessive alcohol intake are three of the most significant modifiable risk factors for morbidity and mortality in(More)
Rootkits pose a dilemma in forensic investigations because hackers use them surreptitiously to mislead investigators. This paper analyzes the effectiveness of online and offline information analysis techniques in detecting rootkits and determining the processes and/or files hidden by rootkits. Five common rootkits were investigated using a live analysis(More)