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Recent research has explored ways to obtain and use knowledge of person-object interactions. We present a novel pair of wearables, a glove and a bracelet, that detect when users interact with unobtrusively tagged objects. The glove can also report whether the grasp was with the palm or the fingertips. Both devices have been built and deployed. We present(More)
We present Bonfire, a self-contained mobile computing system that uses two laptop-mounted laser micro-projectors to project an interactive display space to either side of a laptop keyboard. Coupled with each micro-projector is a camera to enable hand gesture tracking, object recognition, and information transfer within the projected space. Thus, Bonfire is(More)
Ubiquitous computing applications often use a user's context to automatically adjust their behavior to the situation. We have developed three types of wireless sensor nodes that can be worn, carried, or embedded in the environment that can provide interesting contextual information: a rich multi-sensor node to infer human activity that can be worn by a(More)
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