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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although a great deal of literature has been generated regarding left ventricular wall abnormalities, ECG changes and cardiac enzyme leaks associated with subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), there have been only a few reports of true transient left ventricular apical ballooning syndrome in patients with SAH. Several pathophysiological(More)
BACKGROUND For the better part of 100 years, acetaminophen (or paracetamol as it is known outside of the United States) has been a common first-line analgesic in pediatrics and is typically well tolerated with minimal side effects. Its use as an anti-pyretic is also well-documented and thus it is used broadly for symptom control in the general pediatric(More)
There is a growing body of literature documenting dreams, visions, and other trans-personal communications that occur as part of the dying process, often called end-of-life dreams and visions (ELDVs) or deathbed communications (DBCs). This paper describes a unique case involving distressing visions at the end of life, provides a review of existing(More)
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