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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although a great deal of literature has been generated regarding left ventricular wall abnormalities, ECG changes and cardiac enzyme leaks associated with subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), there have been only a few reports of true transient left ventricular apical ballooning syndrome in patients with SAH. Several pathophysiological(More)
BACKGROUND For the better part of 100 years, acetaminophen (or paracetamol as it is known outside of the United States) has been a common first-line analgesic in pediatrics and is typically well tolerated with minimal side effects. Its use as an anti-pyretic is also well-documented and thus it is used broadly for symptom control in the general pediatric(More)
With the sequencing of the human genome comes the promise of advances in medical science. For this promise to be fully realized, researchers must have access to information resulting from this landmark endeavor as well as from subsequent research initiatives. However, because genomic sequences are potential sources of profit for the biotechnology and(More)
To examine medical residents’ perceived competence in caring for patients with dementia we conducted an online survey of all 120 second, third and fourth-year residents in Internal Medicine, Medicine/Pediatrics, and Family Medicine at University of Michigan. A structured survey elicited residents’ training, experience, confidence, and perceived career needs(More)
The United States has the highest incidence of firearm-related deaths among the Western industrialized nations. Firearms are the second leading cause of injury death. In 1982, the National Center for Health Statistics showed that firearms killed more than 33,000 individuals: 1,756 unintentionally, 16,573 by suicide, 13,841 by homicide, 376 by legal action,(More)
It has become apparent to researchers that traditional approaches are not sufficient to foster trust for today's pervasive online businesses. Individuals and businesses are adopting e-commerce as means of resources, improvements and generating revenue. As online transaction increase, it is important to understand why users still reserved on conducting(More)