Adam Coulson

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We assessed the relative impact of residential exposure to community air pollution and habitual cigarette smoking on lung function by comparing the annualized rate of change in forced expiratory volume in 1 s (FEV1) in current, former, and never-smokers 25 to 59 yr of age residing in three demographically similar areas of the Southern California air basin(More)
BACKGROUND Prospective human studies of anaphylaxis and its mechanisms have been limited, with few severe cases or examining only 1 or 2 mediators. OBJECTIVES We wanted to define the clinical patterns of anaphylaxis and relationships between mediators and severity. METHODS Data were collected during treatment and before discharge. Serial blood samples(More)
In a multicenter cohort study of homosexual men, the proportion of seropositives at enrollment who developed the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) during the following 18 months ranged from 5.5% to 8.2% in 1597 alcohol drinkers vs 9.2% in 109 nondrinkers with no clear trend according to use, and from 6.3% to 9.6% for 1662 users vs 7.2% for 83(More)
As a follow-up of our study of pregnant women, we report effects of zinc supplementation during pregnancy in another population of 138 Hispanic teenagers in Los Angeles. Teenagers were randomized (double-blind) to a control or zinc-supplemented group and received similar daily vitamin and mineral supplements except for 20 mg zinc added to the(More)
Chile ranks second in the world regarding age-adjusted mortality rates from stomach cancer. Analysis of death rates along its 25 provinces for a 15-year period (1957-1971) shows a peculiar geographic pattern of high and low-risk areas. Three agricultural provinces (Maule, Linares and Nuble, located south of Santiago), population 460,000, show a median rate(More)
The effects of zinc supplementation on levels of various blood constituents and the outcome of pregnancy in 213 Hispanic women attending a prenatal clinic in Los Angeles was assessed in this double-blind study. The women were randomized into either a control (C) or a zinc-supplemented (Z) group and received similar vitamin and mineral supplements except(More)
Two never-smoking cohorts in Southern California, one in Lancaster (N = 2340) exposed only to moderate levels of oxidants and the other in Long Beach (N = 1326) exposed to high levels of SOx, NO2, hydrocarbons and particulates completed spirometry and the single-breath nitrogen test five to six years apart. Forty-seven percent and 45 percent of the(More)
Two cohorts of never-smoking residents of Los Angeles were studied on two occasions five years apart. One cohort (N = 1,099) lived in a community with moderate levels of photochemical pollution and low levels of other pollutants, and the second (N = 1,117) lived in a community with very high levels of photochemical oxidant and relatively high levels of(More)