Adam Childs

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To support the trend toward component-based systems, the Cadena project aims to provide an Eclipse-based development environment that includes support for design, behavior modeling, formal reasoning, and automated code synthesis for systems built using the CORBA Component Model. In this paper, we describe the basic functionality of the Cadena tool, and(More)
This tool paper gives an overview of Cadena – an integrated environment for building and modeling systems built using the CORBA Component Model (CCM). Cadena provides facilities for defining component types using CCM IDL, specifying dependency information and transition system semantics for these types, assembling systems from CCM components, visualizing(More)
Developers of modern distributed, real-time embedded systems are increasingly employing component-based middle-ware frameworks to cope with the ever increasing size and complexity of mission requirements. Frameworks, such as CORBA and its component model (CCM), raise the level of abstraction at which systems are programmed by directly supporting certain(More)
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