Adam Carter

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Shiveluch (Kamchatka, Russia) is the most active andesitic volcano of the Kuril-Kamchatka arc, typically exhibiting near-continual high-temperature fumarolic activity and periods of exogenous lava dome emplacement punctuated by discrete large explosive eruptions. These eruptions can produce large pyroclastic flow (PF) deposits, which are common on the(More)
The non-therapeutic use of genes to enhance athletic performance (gene doping) is a novel threat to the World of Sports. Skeletal muscle is a prime target of gene therapy and we asked whether we can develop a test system to produce and detect gene doping. Towards this end, we introduced a plasmid (pCMV-FAK, 3.8 kb, 50 μg) for constitutive expression of the(More)
This article thoroughly details large-scale real world experiments using Software-Defined Networking in the testbed setup. More precisely, it provides a description of the foundation technology behind these experiments, which in turn is focused around OpenFlow and on the OFELIA testbed. In this testbed preliminary experiments were performed in order to tune(More)
— CityFlow is an EU FP7 project, aiming to create a set of multi-autonomous-system OpenFlow experiments on the OFELIA infrastructure to emulate a city of one million inhabitants. In this demo, we demonstrate all of the key components of the CityFlow experimentation stack working together.
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