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Serious intra-abdominal injuries are very uncommon in cricket; traumatic cricket injuries are traditionally musculoskeletal, soft tissue or maxillofacial in origin. The cause of such cricket injuries can be broadly divided into collision type injuries (a result of direct contact with the ball or bat, another player, the ground or boundary) or overuse(More)
Isolated gallbladder rupture following blunt thoracoabdominal trauma is rare; gall bladder rupture is seen in <1% of blunt abdominal trauma. This case report describes a significant mechanism of blunt force injury resulting in an isolated gallbladder rupture. Risk factors for traumatic gallbladder rupture are reviewed and the authors propose that a stiff,(More)
Abdominal angiography with selective arteriography and subsequent embolisation is an accepted management modality in the treatment of selected solid organ injuries following blunt abdominal trauma. This management practice is well established in the haemodynamically stable patient; however, this remains more controversial in haemodynamically compromised(More)
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