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For domains in which fitness is subjective or difficult to express formally, interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) is a natural choice. It is possible that a collaborative process combining feedback from multiple users can improve the quality and quantity of generated artifacts. Picbreeder, a large-scale online experiment in collaborative interactive(More)
This study investigated the effects of postural threat on the cortical response associated with postural reactions to predictable and unpredictable perturbations to upright stance. Postural threat was manipulated by having individuals stand on an elevated surface to alter the context in which the postural task was performed. Ten healthy young adults(More)
—The goal of this work is to gain a better understanding of the role that inter-agent variation plays in self-organizing systems. We develop both continuous and discrete models of a multi-agent coordination procedure based on response thresholds and use these models to analyze the average behavior of a system as well as examine the dynamics of single(More)
This paper presents a communication-less multi-agent task allocation procedure that allows agents to use past experience to make non-greedy decisions about task assignments. Experimental results are given for problems where agents have varying capabilities, tasks have varying difficulties, and agents are ignorant of what tasks they will see in the future.(More)
In cooperative multi-agent systems, roles are used as a design concept when creating large systems, they are known to facilitate specialization of agents, and they can help to reduce interference in multi-robot domains. The types of tasks that the agents are asked to solve and the communicative capabilities of the agents significantly affect the way roles(More)
This study was designed to improve the understanding of how standing at elevated surface heights and the associated changes in the visual field affect human balance control. Healthy young adults stood at four different surface heights (ground, 0.8, 1.6 and 3.2 m) under three different visual conditions (eyes open, eyes closed and eyes open with peripheral(More)
The different measures used to characterize postural sway are sensitive to variations in sampling duration, yet there remains marked variability and a lack of consistency in this temporal parameter when compared between studies. We investigated the effect of sampling duration on 22 commonly used frequency and time domain measures and stabilogram diffusion(More)
— The goal of this research is to explore the effects of social interactions between individual autonomous vehicles (AVs) in various problem scenarios. We will take a look at one way to construct the social relationships and generate data from computer simulations to compare the behaviors of each. A difference can be noticed when Synthetic Social Structures(More)
Picbreeder [1] is a new website that is open to the public for collaborative interactive evolution of images. A unique feature of Picbreeder is that users can continue evolving other users' images by branching. The continual process of evolving and branching means that images can continue to improve and increase in complexity indefinitely, yielding a(More)