Adam C. Knapp

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Intermediate filaments (IFs) of the cytokeratin (CK) type are cytoskeletal elements typical for epithelial differentiation. However, in diverse transformed culture lines of non-epithelial origin, rare cells emerge spontaneously, which synthesize, in addition to their vimentin IFs, CKs 8 and 18. We enriched such cells by cloning and studied the level(s) of(More)
Plantar epidermis of the bovine heel pad as well as human plantar and palmar epidermis contain large amounts of an acidic (type I) keratin polypeptide (No. 9) of Mr 64,000 which so far has not been found in epidermis of other sites of the body. We present evidence for the keratinous nature of this protein, including its ability to form cytokeratin complexes(More)
We compute the Lagrangian Floer cohomology groups of certain tori in closed simply connected symplectic 4-manifolds arising from Fintushel-Stern knot surgery. These manifolds are usually not symplectically aspherical. As a result of the computation we observe examples where HF (L 0) ∼ = HF (L 1) and L 0 and L 1 are smoothly isotopic but L 0 , L 1 are not(More)
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