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Please note that Tyndall working papers are "work in progress". Whilst they are commented on by Tyndall researchers, they have not been subject to a full peer review. The accuracy of this work and the conclusions reached are the responsibility of the author(s) alone and not the Tyndall Centre. Executive summary The 1997 Kyoto Protocol obliged industrialized(More)
The physical technique of slow, long distance running and the mental centering devices of T. M. are combined, using hypnosis in some cases, to enhance a "peak experience," or altered state of consciousness. Indications and contraindications to this technique are described for various psychiatric, psychosomatic and somatic syndromes, and its use as an(More)
This paper describes work in progress aimed at exploring a role for mobile technology in helping citizens adapt to climate change in the Pacific. The research involved codesign workshops and stakeholder interviews in Fiji. In this paper we describe the design and conduct of the research program, the research context, and participants' reports of the(More)
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