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Understanding the nature of the workloads and system demands created by users of the World Wide Web is crucial to properly designing and provisioning Web services. Previous measurements of Web client workloads have been shown to exhibit a number of characteristic features; however, it is not clear how those features may be changing with time. In this study(More)
Many crowdsourcing studies have been conducted that utilize Amazon Mechanical Turk, a crowdsourcing marketplace platform. The Amazon Mechanical Turk team proposes that comprehensive studies in the areas of HIT design, workflow and reviewing methodologies, and compensation strategies will benefit the crowdsourcing field by establishing a standard library of(More)
With web caching and cache-related services like CDNs and edge services playing an increasingly significant role in the modern internet, the problem of the weak consistency and coherence provisions in currently standardized web protocols is drawing greater attention. Toward this end, we propose definitions of consistency and coherence for web-like caching(More)
The heterogeneity and open nature of network systems make analysis of compositions of components quite challenging, making the design and implementation of robust network services largely inaccessible to the average programmer. We propose the development of a novel type system and practical type spaces which reflect simplified representations of the results(More)
Formal correctness of complex multi-party network protocols can be difficult to verify. While models of specific fixed compositions of agents can be checked against design constraints, protocols which lend themselves to arbitrarily many compositions of agents–such as the chaining of proxies or the peering of routers–are more difficult to verify because they(More)
As new and complex multi-party edge services are deployed on the Internet, application-layer protocols with complex communication models and event dependencies are increasingly being specified and adopted. To ensure that such protocols (and compositions thereof with existing protocols) do not result in undesirable behaviors (e.g., deadlocks), a methodology(More)
The <i>science</i> of network service composition has emerged as one of the grand themes of networking research [17] as a direct result of the complexity and sophistication of emerging networked systems and applications. By "service composition" we mean that the performance and correctness properties local to the various constituent components of a(More)
In this paper, we present a Mechanical Turk study that explores how the most common words that have been used to refer to people in recent HCI literature are received by non-experts. The top five CHI 2014 people words are: user, participant, person, designer , and researcher. We asked participants to think about one of these words for ten seconds and then(More)
Many people are overloaded by the amount of email they receive. Because of this, a considerable amount of time can be spent every day managing one's inbox. Previous work has shown that people adopt different strategies for managing their inbox. However, there has been little work examining how the choice of email management strategy impacts the total time(More)