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The World Health Organization (WHO) laboratory manual (1992) states that assessment of sperm motility can be performed at either 37 degrees C or room temperature (20-24 degrees C). The motility of spermatozoa in 44 semen samples (22 fresh samples and 22 frozen-thawed samples) was assessed at both of these temperatures and a significant difference in the(More)
A total of 67 semen donors (62 Caucasian and five non-Caucasian) were tested for the presence of immunoglobulin G antibodies to cytomegalovirus (CMV). Ten (16%) of the Caucasian donors tested positive for CMV, while four (80%) of the non-Caucasian donors were positive. A total of 131 women receiving donor insemination (114 Caucasian and 17 non-Caucasian)(More)
The Quantiferon Gold tuberculosis tube test is a sensitive and specific way to diagnosis latent and active tuberculosis. The test is easy to administer and potentially can be used under field conditions and in a remote analytical laboratory. We screened an endemic population under field conditions and transferred our specimens via express mail to a distant(More)
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