Adam Biela

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DNA minor groove binders (MGBs) are known to influence gene expression and are therefore widely studied to explore their therapeutic potential. We identified shape-based virtual screening with ROCS as a highly effective computational approach to enrich known MGBs in top-ranked molecules. Discovery of ten previously unknown MGBs by shape-based screening(More)
Whenever more than three " loose and disorderly people " were spotted coming together in a group, the authorities suspected that a plot might soon be afoot. Whenever a gang of ten or twenty was detected, the elites feared an impending riot. And, should dozens or hundreds gather in one place without proper supervision or an appointed task, it was expected(More)
This paper explores the cognitive schemas involved in ingroup and outgroup perceptions of three U. S. religious denominations (Baptists, Lutherans, and Catholics) based on a factor analytically derived rating scale. Two principal techniques are used for assessing these perceptions, that is, Similarity Structure Analysis, SSA, and Procrustean Individual(More)
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