Adam Belachew

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The pattern of transposition of Ac from the mutable allele bz-m2(Ac) has been investigated. Stable (bz-s) and finely spotted (bz-m(F)) exceptions were selected from coarsely spotted bz-m2(Ac) ears. The presence or absence of a transposed Ac (trAc) in the genome was determined and, when present, the location of the trAc was mapped relative to the flanking(More)
In higher plants, the transition from the vegetative to the; reproductive state in the shoot meristem initiates flowering. To study this floral transition, Constitutively flowering mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype columbia, embryonic flower (emf), was characterized. No vegetative shoots were produced from emf embryos or calli; the shoot apical(More)
We have shown before that the Ac element from the maize bz-m2(Ac) allele, located in the short arm of chromosome 9 (9S), transposes preferentially to sites that are linked to the bz donor locus. Yet, about half of the Ac transpositions recovered from bz-m2(Ac) are in receptor sites not linked to the donor locus. In this study, we have analyzed the(More)
Chromosome breaks and hence chromosomal rearrangements often occur in maize stocks harboring transposable elements (TEs), yet it is not clear what types of TE structures promote breakage. We have shown previously that chromosomes containing a complex transposon structure consisting of an Ac (Activator) element closely linked in direct orientation to a(More)
Suitable conditions for protein crystallization are commonly identified by screening combinations of independent factors that affect crystal formation. Because precipitating agents are prime determinants of crystallization, we investigated whether a systematic exploration of combinations of mechanistically distinct precipitants would enhance(More)
We report on several proteins recently solved by structural genomics consortia, in particular by the Northeast Structural Genomics consortium (NESG). The proteins considered in this study differ substantially in their sequences but they share a similar structural core, characterized by a pseudobarrel five-stranded beta sheet. This core corresponds to the(More)
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