Adam B. Levy

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Necessary and sufficient conditions are obtained for the Lipschitzian stability of local solutions to finite-dimensional parameterized optimization problems in a very general setting. Properties of prox-regularity of the essential objective function and positive definiteness of its coderivative Hessian are the key to these results. A previous(More)
Several recent investigations have suggested that neurobiological similarities may exist between patients with eating disorders and those with depression. We performed polysomnograms for two consecutive nights on nine bulimic and six anorectic patients who had no concomitant diagnosis of endogenous depression. The rapid eye movement (REM) latency, REM(More)
Calmness is a restricted form of local Lipschitz continuity where one point of comparison is fixed. We study the calmness of solutions to parameterized optimization problems of the form min{f(x,w)} over all x ∈ R, where the extended real-valued objective function f is continuously prox-regular in x with compatible parameterization in w. This model covers(More)
Electroencephalographic (EEG) abnormalities have been described in patients with mood disorders. In an effort to determine if rapid cycling bipolar affective disorder patients may demonstrate more prevalent EEG paroxysmal activity than patients with non-rapid cycling mood disorders, we studied five consecutively identified bipolar patients who cycled at(More)