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This paper presents a novel IP core reuse strategy which reduces design time from days to hours for communication circuits such as digital radio receivers. This design productivity is obtained by leveraging a highly parameterized library of communication specific cores. These cores are described in IP-XACT XML with vendor extensions describing the timing(More)
Reconfigurable computing systems remain difficult to use and program. One way to increase design productivity for these systems is through reuse of previously developed and verified intellectual property (IP) cores. This paper presents CHREC XML, a XML schema that facilitates IP reuse by encapsulating the details of reusable IP cores at multiple levels of(More)
Many varied domain experts use Lab VIEW as a graphical system design tool to implement DSP algorithms on myriad target architectures. In this paper, we introduce the latest LabVIEW FPGA compiler that enables domain experts with minimum hardware knowledge to quickly implement, deploy, and verify their domain-specific applications on FPGA hardware. We present(More)
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