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  • Adam Ames
  • Brain research. Brain research reviews
  • 2000
Large amounts of energy are required to maintain the signaling activities of CNS cells. Because of the fine-grained heterogeneity of brain and the rapid changes in energy demand, it has been difficult to monitor rates of energy generation and consumption at the cellular level and even more difficult at the subcellular level. Mechanisms to facilitate energy(More)
Despite the revolution in our knowledge resulting from the detection of planets around mature stars, we know almost nothing about planets orbiting young stars because rapid rotation and active photospheres preclude detection by radial velocities or transits and because direct imaging has barely penetrated the requisite range of high contrast and angular(More)
In anticipation of the possible collision between a circumstellar disk and the secondary star in the highly eccentric binary system δ Scorpii, high angular resolution interferometric observations have been acquired aimed at revising the binary parameters. The Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer (NPOI) was used to spatially resolve the binary components in(More)
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