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BACKGROUND This proof of concept study was designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of an intravenous insulin dosing calculator, the Clarian GlucoStabilizer program, and to determine the feasibility of its use as part of a glycemic control program. This paper discusses the impact of the GlucoStabilizer program on the glycemic control of intensive(More)
Histone modifications and DNA methylation are epigenetic phenomena that play a critical role in many neoplastic processes, including silencing of tumor suppressor genes. One such histone modification, particularly at H3 and H4, is methylation at specific lysine (K) residues. Whereas histone methylation of H3-K9 has been linked to DNA methylation and(More)
INTRODUCTION Control of blood glucose (BG) in critically ill patients is considered important, but is difficult to achieve, and often associated with increased risk of hypoglycemia. We examined the use of a computerized insulin dosing algorithm to manage hyperglycemia with particular attention to frequency and conditions surrounding hypoglycemic events. (More)
The aim of this work was to evaluate our Glycemic Control Initiative that was put in place to improve blood glucose control in hyperglycemic intensive care patients and improve insulin safety by minimizing the risk of hypoglycemia. A computerized decision-support tool was developed for intravenous insulin dosing that provided an automated and standardized(More)
BACKGROUND This proof of concept study was designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a computerized insulin program, the Clarian GlucoStabilizer Subcutaneous Insulin Program (CGS-SQ). This paper discusses the CGS-SQ's impact on the glycemic control of hospitalized patients with hyperglycemia. METHODS Patients at Methodist and Indiana University(More)
BACKGROUND Peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) has gained acceptance as a treatment for achalasia. The aim of this study was to assess symptomatic, quality of life (QoL), and physiological outcomes of POEM using standardized methods. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients who were planned to undergo POEM were evaluated pre- and postoperatively with timed barium(More)
BACKGROUND While studies have evaluated the impact of hyperglycemia during hospitalization, little is known about its management before and after admission. METHODS We sampled a managed care outpatient database (8547 patients) with linkage to inpatient data from June 1, 2003 to June 30, 2006, evaluating hyperglycemia management preadmission (PA), during(More)
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