Adalberto de Hoyos

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BACKGROUND In recent years, medical practice has followed two different paradigms: evidence-based medicine (EBM) and values-based medicine (VBM). There is an urgent need to promote medical education that strengthens the relationship between these two paradigms. This work is designed to establish the foundations for a continuing medical education (CME)(More)
INTRODUCTION Cardiology is characterized by its state-of-the-art biomedical technology and the predominance of Evidence-Based Medicine. This predominance makes it difficult for healthcare professionals to deal with the ethical dilemmas that emerge in this subspecialty. This paper is a first endeavor to empirically investigate the axiological foundations of(More)
The purpose of this study is to determine empirically the state of the art of the medical care, when healthcare personal is confronted with ethical dilemmas related with the care they give to the geriatric population. An observational, longitudinal, prospective and qualitative study was conducted by analyzing the correlation between healthcare(More)
BACKGROUND Recent scientific developments, along with growing awareness of cultural and social diversity, have led to a continuously growing range of available treatment options; however, such developments occasionally lead to an undesirable imbalance between science, technology and humanism in clinical practice. This study explores the understanding and(More)
This article discusses the notion of justice from a capabilities approach. We undertake an empirical analysis of the concepts of justice held by healthcare personnel, gleaned from a qualitative analysis of interviews on the subject of ethical dilemmas in everyday practice. The article states that Justice undoubtedly presents a work in progress, which(More)
This article analyzes the criteria for the distribution of healthcare services through different justice theories such as utilitarianism and liberalism, pointing out the problems that arise when providing services to a culturally diverse population. The international epidemiological setting is a favorable one for discussing personal responsibility and luck(More)
977 Myriam M. Altamirano-Bustamante is in the Research Unit of Metabolic Diseases and the Cross-Functional Group in Clinical Ethics, Century XXI Medical Center, Mexican Institute of Social Security, Mexico City, Mexico; Adalberto de Hoyos is in the Cross-Functional Group in Clinical Ethics, Century XXI Medical Center, Mexican Institute of Social Security,(More)
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