Ada Zhang

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Parkinson disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder afflicting more than 1 million aging Americans, incurring $23 billion in annual medical costs in the U.S. alone. Approximately 90% Parkinson patients undergoing treatment have mobility related problems related to medication which prevent them doing their activities of daily living. Efficient management(More)
In the past, the music community conducted research on what makes music more musical or expressive. Much of this work has focused on the manipulation of phrasing, articulation and rubato to make music more expressive. However, it has been difficult to study neuromuscular control used by experts to create such musical music. This paper took a first step(More)
— We present a novel and relatively simple method for clustering pixels into homogeneous patches using a directed graph of edges between neighboring pixels. For a 2D image, the mean and variance of image intensity is computed within a circular region centered at each pixel. Each pixel stores its circle's mean and variance, and forms the node in a graph,(More)
Introduction: In previous work, our laboratory has developed a framework for image analysis called Shells and Spheres (SaS), which applies statistical analysis to pixel intensity within circular (or spherical) regions around each pixel in 2D (or 3D images). We change the radius of the circle (or sphere) by adding or subtracting shells, yielding an efficient(More)
Successful spin injection into graphene makes it a competitive contender in the race to become a key material for quantum computation, or the spin-operation-based data processing and sensing. Engineering ferromagnetic metal (FM)/graphene heterojunctions is one of the most promising avenues to realise it, however, their interface magnetism remains an open(More)
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