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OBJECTIVE The neural mismatch theory assumes that the intersensory conflicts leading to motion sickness are resolved by changes in the relative weighting of the various senses that contribute to orientation. If this sensory rearrangement persists after disembarkment, it might result in mal de debarquement (MD): ataxia and a rocking sensation sometimes felt(More)
OBJECT Deepening sedation is often needed in patients with intracranial hypertension. All widely used sedative and anesthetic agents (opioids, benzodiazepines, propofol, and barbiturates) decrease blood pressure and may therefore decrease cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP). Ketamine is a potent, safe, rapid-onset anesthetic agent that does not decrease blood(More)
Complications of Crohn's disease (CD) lead to surgery in about 70-90% of patients. The majority of patients suffer from relapse of the disease. Colonic bacteria are essential to the development of CD. Therefore, a rationale exists in trying to prevent relapse by manipulation of gut microflora. This is feasible by treatment with probiotics or antibiotics.(More)
Therapy of Hodgkin disease (HD) is designed to prolong progression-free survival and minimize toxicity. The best regimen to achieve this has not yet been defined. A total of 108 patients with newly diagnosed HD and adverse prognostic factors were prospectively studied between 1999 and 2004. They were assigned to therapy according to defined risk(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of osteoporosis among postmenopausal women represents a major public health challenge since long-term therapy is needed to prevent fractures and chronic disability. OBJECTIVES To assess compliance with osteoporosis drug therapy among Israeli postmenopausal women treated with either a bisphosphonate (alendronate) or a selective(More)
INTRODUCTION The Short Anxiety Screening Test (SAST), an easily administered rating scale, was developed to standardize the detection of anxiety disorder in the elderly, even, and especially, in the presence of depression. The instrument also included somatic complaints, often the manifestation of anxiety in the elderly. Failure to relate to the anxiety(More)
We studied the incidence and mortality of stroke in northern Israel to determine possible reasons for the differences previously found in mortality from this condition between the sex and ethnic groups in Israel as a whole. We identified 1,149 cases of stroke during 1984. While the age-standardized incidence was higher in men, the case-fatality rate was(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate sound localization ability in totally deaf patients with unilateral cochlear implants and to estimate the ability to improve this function by training. DESIGN A controlled case series. MATERIALS AND METHODS Nine patients with monaural cochlear implants were asked to identify the source of 50 randomly distributed sound stimuli(More)
BACKGROUND Factors influencing the oral flora of premature infants have not been adequately investigated. OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of gestational age and of anti-bacterial therapy on the oral flora of premature infants. METHODS Oral cultures were obtained at age 1 day and age 10 days from 65 premature infants, divided into three groups: a)(More)
Comment The increase in mortality rating in the second survey, together with the substantial reduction in the excess applied to patients taking statins show that underwriters now assess risk more realistically and recognise that the prognosis for familial hypercholesterolaemia has improved with more effective treatment. 2 Nevertheless variability in the(More)