Ada Tamir

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OBJECTIVE The neural mismatch theory assumes that the intersensory conflicts leading to motion sickness are resolved by changes in the relative weighting of the various senses that contribute to orientation. If this sensory rearrangement persists after disembarkment, it might result in mal de debarquement (MD): ataxia and a rocking sensation sometimes felt(More)
OBJECT Deepening sedation is often needed in patients with intracranial hypertension. All widely used sedative and anesthetic agents (opioids, benzodiazepines, propofol, and barbiturates) decrease blood pressure and may therefore decrease cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP). Ketamine is a potent, safe, rapid-onset anesthetic agent that does not decrease blood(More)
INTRODUCTION The Short Anxiety Screening Test (SAST), an easily administered rating scale, was developed to standardize the detection of anxiety disorder in the elderly, even, and especially, in the presence of depression. The instrument also included somatic complaints, often the manifestation of anxiety in the elderly. Failure to relate to the anxiety(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate sound localization ability in totally deaf patients with unilateral cochlear implants and to estimate the ability to improve this function by training. DESIGN A controlled case series. MATERIALS AND METHODS Nine patients with monaural cochlear implants were asked to identify the source of 50 randomly distributed sound stimuli(More)
Comment The increase in mortality rating in the second survey, together with the substantial reduction in the excess applied to patients taking statins show that underwriters now assess risk more realistically and recognise that the prognosis for familial hypercholesterolaemia has improved with more effective treatment. 2 Nevertheless variability in the(More)
The I1307K APC germline mutation is associated with an increased risk to colo-rectal cancer (CRC). Whether and to what extent the phenotype of CRC in mutation carriers differs from sporadic cases, remains unknown. To gain insight into this issue, we analysed 307 unselected Israeli patients with CRC, who were treated in a single medical centre, for(More)
Background. Colonoscopy for screening the population at an average risk of colorectal cancer (CRC) is recommended by many leading gastrointestinal associations. Objectives. The objective was to assess the quality, complications and acceptance rate of colonoscopy by patients. Methods. We prospectively gathered data from colonoscopies which were performed(More)
Assessing the impact of restricted intrauterine growth on neonatal frontal lobe (FL) dimensions is important. We aimed to create a sonographic nomogram of FL dimensions in neonates at different gestational ages (GA) and evaluate the impact of small head circumference (HC) on FL dimensions. We conducted sonographic biometry of the FL at birth. We included(More)
INTRODUCTION Depression in the elderly is frequently detected by screening instruments and often accompanied by anxiety. We set out to study if anxiety will affect the ability to detect depression by a screening instrument. OBJECTIVE To validate the short Zung depression rating scale in Israeli elderly and to study the affect of anxiety on its validity.(More)
OBJECTIVES To obtain dimensions of the fetal superior cerebellar vermian width as a basis for further studies and for comparisons with deviation in growth. STUDY DESIGN The study group included 266 normal pregnant women from 20 to 37 weeks of gestation. Several biometric measurements were obtained throughout pregnancy, including the fetal superior(More)