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The new Iglesias resectoscope that allows simultaneous suction, continuous irrigation and low intravesical pressure is described. Advantages of this instrument include no interruption, better endoscopic vision by a continuous clear inflow of more than 600 ml. per minute, a low intravesical pressure less than 10 mm. Hg during the transurethral resection,(More)
The pharmacodynamics of baclofen on the bladder and urethral sphincters in acute and chronic spinal cord injury male patients were evaluated. A total of 100 supine and sitting urodynamic profiles was done in 25 patients. Baclofen decreased external urethral sphincter resistance by depressing pudendal-to-pudendal nerve reflex through spinal cord presynaptic(More)
Studies of the blood supply and healing potential of the renal pelvis were correlated. Angiographic studies of anatomic dissection of the blood supply, performed following an injection technique, proved that branches from the renal, lumbar, capsular, and ureteral arteries result in an abundant capillary supply. Comparison of healing after longitudinal and(More)
In a double-blind study, candicidin therapy resulted in over-all clinical improvement of benign prostatic hypertrophy symptoms in 78.1 per cent of treated patients compared with 10 per cent for patients given a placebo. Histologic review of prostates of candicidin-treated patients showed more stroma relative to the epithelium. The epithelium was less active(More)