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The recent development of SPECT has introduced a new procedure to evaluate neurological diseases. By mean of Tc99mHM-PAO we studied a group of 19 pediatric subjects (7 males and 12 females) with different form of migraine, within five days after the last headache attack. Postictally SPECT shows regionally decreased CBF in 3/4 of HM, in 5/6 of BAM, in 5/5 of(More)
BACKGROUND Chest pain is an extremely common symptom in women, but several previous studies have suggested that in women this complaint is more frequently underdiagnosed than in men. The aim of this multicenter study proposed by the National Association of Hospital Cardiologists (ANMCO) was to analyze the clinical regimen adopted for women admitted to a(More)
The authors refer their experience in the treatment of intractable childhood epilepsies (18 cases) with intravenous gamma globulin. Seven patients showed great reduction or indeed disappearance of the seizures whereas modest improvement was observed in other 4 cases. A better organization of the EEG corresponded to this clinical improvement with a reduction(More)