Ada S. K. Wan

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An important, potential application of image-based techniques is to create photo-realistic image-based environments for interactive walkthrough. However, existing image-based studies are based on different assumptions with different focuses. There is a lack of a general framework or architecture for evaluation and development of a practical image-based(More)
The use of multiple panoramic images for walktluongli applications is attracting more attention in .recent years. The geometric p r a y. which can be recovered from widc-baseline images. can be used to rednce tlie sampling ratc. However. correspondence matching across widely sepamted panoramic images rcquires searching a large disparity range. wluch can(More)
Omni-directional images are widely used in image-based walkthrough applications, in which camera pose recovery is one of the initial and important processes. Existing methods may recover camera pose of omni-directional images from lines. However, it may not work well when there is insufficient scene structure in the images. In addition, existing methods(More)
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