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An important, potential application of image-based techniques is to create photo-realistic image-based environments for interactive walkthrough. However, existing image-based studies are based on different assumptions with different focuses. There is a lack of a general framework or architecture for evaluation and development of a practical image-based(More)
The use of multiple panoramic images for walkthrough applications is attracting more attention in recent years. The geometric proxy, which can be recovered from wide-baseline images can be used to reduce the sampling rate. However correspondence matching across widely separated panoramic images requires searching a large disparity range, which can(More)
Omni-directional images are widely used in image-based walkthrough applications, in which camera pose recovery is one of the initial and important processes. Existing methods may recover camera pose of omni-directional images from lines. However, it may not work well when there is insufficient scene structure in the images. In addition, existing methods(More)
This paper presents a data-driven, simple cluster-and-label approach using optimized count-based methods for word-level language identification for a large domain-specific multilingual diachronic corpus of periodicals published at least yearly between 1864 and 2014 in Switzerland. Our system requires no annotated data or training, only minimal human effort(More)
Experiments have recently been conducted at the National Ignition Facility utilizing inertial confinement fusion capsule ablators that are 175 and 165  μm in thickness, 10% and 15% thinner, respectively, than the nominal thickness capsule used throughout the high foot and most of the National Ignition Campaign. These three-shock, high-adiabat, high-foot(More)
We report on the first layered deuterium-tritium (DT) capsule implosions indirectly driven by a "high-foot" laser pulse that were fielded in depleted uranium hohlraums at the National Ignition Facility. Recently, high-foot implosions have demonstrated improved resistance to ablation-front Rayleigh-Taylor instability induced mixing of ablator material into(More)
With hundreds of endangered and under-documented languages, Papua New Guinea presents an enormous challenge to the documentary linguistics community. This article reports on a workshop held at the University of Goroka in May and June of 2012. The workshop aimed to collect written texts and their translations for several languages, while building local(More)
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