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The brains from 16 sheep diagnosed as listerial encephalitis on the basis of clinical signs and histopathology were examined to determine the types of inflammatory cells present and for bacteria. Listeria monocytogenes were detected by immunocytochemistry in the brains of the 16 sheep and were also demonstrated in the trigeminal ganglion from the same side(More)
The possibility of separating cells on the basis of levels of antigen expression was explored in a model system using fixed erythrocytes and high gradient magnetic separation (HGMS). Fixed human erythrocytes were labelled to varying degrees with tetrameric monoclonal antibody complexes specific for both dextran and glycophorin A-M. The cells were then mixed(More)
Nurses and other health professionals are often asked about the benefits and risks of fish consumption. The combination of conflicting media messages about these risks and benefits and limited knowledge has led to confusion about how to properly advise people about safe fish consumption. "Fish Facts for Health Professionals" was the result of a(More)
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