Ada Emmett

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Comment on “Sensitivity of seaf<lb>oor<lb>bathymetry to climate-driven<lb>f<lb>uctuations in mid-ocean ridge magma<lb>supply”<lb>Peter Huybers, Charles Langmuir,<lb>Richard F. Katz, David Ferguson, Cristian<lb>Proistosescu, Suzanne Carbotte<lb>Olive et al. (Reports, 16 October 2015, p.<lb>310) argue that ~10% fl<lb>uctuations in melt<lb>supply do not(More)
Elisa Bonaccorso, Reneta Bozhankova, Carlos D. Cadena, Veronika Čapská, Laura Czerniewicz, Ada Emmett, Folorunso F. Oludayo, Natalia Glukhova, Marc L. Greenberg, Miran Hladnik, María E. Grillet, Mochamad Indrawan, Mate Kapović, Yuri Kleiner, Marek Łaziński, Rafael D. Loyola, Shaily Menon, Luis G. Morales, Clara Ocampo, Jorge Pérez-Emán, A. Townsend(More)
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