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Alterations in cellular metabolism are among the most consistent hallmarks of cancer. Herein, after a comprehensive metabolic phenotype characterization of MCF7 and ZR75 breast cancer cells, we investigated the activity of bergapten (Bg), a plant-derived compound, against breast cancer. The study of different biochemical pathways involved in cell metabolism(More)
Loss of progesterone-receptors (PR) expression is associated with breast cancer progression. Herein we provide evidence that OHPg/PR-B through Beclin-1 evoke autophagy-senescence transition, in breast cancer cells. Specifically, OHPg increases Beclin-1 expression through a transcriptional mechanism due to the occupancy of Beclin-1 promoter by PR-B, together(More)
Although the protective role of androgen receptor (AR) in breast cancer (BC) is well established, the mechanisms involved remains largely unexplored. MicroRNAs play fundamental roles in many biological processes, including tumor cell development and metastasis. Herein, we report that androgens reduce BC cells proliferation acting as a negative modulator of(More)
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