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OBJECTIVE To investigate the correlations between occupational risk factors and reproductive health and to provide targeted healthcare services to female civil aviation employees based on surveys about menstrual and reproductive health status. METHODS Subjects were selected from flight attendants working for China Southern Airlines, Air China, and other(More)
Abstract. In 1989, Vaughan Jones introduced spin models and showed that they could be used to form link invariants in two different ways—by constructing representations of the braid group, or by constructing partition functions. These spin models were subsequently generalized to so-called 4-weight spin models by Bannai and Bannai; these could be used to(More)
INTRODUCTION Reduced or altered taste and smell function may occur as a side-effect of cancer therapy. This can lead to altered nutrient and energy intake. Some studies have suggested that taste and smell dysfunction can persist many years after treatment completion but this has not been previously assessed in survivors of childhood cancer. The aim of this(More)
This study was conducted with the following purposes: 1) to assess the concurrent validity and reliability of the BIQ-C, 2) to get information on the background, demographic data and the lifestyle of adults with ID in Hong Kong shelter workshop, and 3) to get information on physical activity behaviour and psychosocial behaviour of adults with ID in Hong(More)
We determine the Nomura algebras of the type-II matrices belonging to the Bose-Mesner algebra of a conference graph. 1 Type-II Matrices and Nomura Algebras We say that an n × n matrix W with complex entries is type II if W (j, i)(W)(i, j) = 1 n for i, j = 1, . . . , n. So a type-II matrix is invertible and has no zero entry. We use I and J to denote the(More)
R. A. Burnstein, A. Chakravorty, A. Chan, Y. C. Chen, W. S. Choong, K. Clark, T. Diehl, E. C. Dukes, C. Durandet, J. Duryea, J. Felix, G. Gidal, G. Guglielmo, H. R. Gustafson, K. Heller, C. Ho, P. M. Ho, T. Holmstrom, M. Huang, C. James, M. Jenkins, K. Johns, T. Jones, D. M. Kaplan, L. M. Lederman, N. Leros, F. Lopez, M. J. Longo, L. Lu, W. Luebke, K.(More)
We study state transfer in quantum walks on graphs relative to the adjacency matrix. Our motivation is to understand how the addition of pendant subgraphs affect state transfer. For two graphs G and H, the Frucht-Harary corona product G ◦H is obtained by taking |G| copies of the cone K1 + H and by identifying the conical vertices according to G. Our work(More)