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BACKGROUND Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a highly distressing and impairing disorder characterized by a preoccupation with imagined or slight physical defects in appearance. Well designed studies on its prevalence and on base rates for diagnostic criteria are rare. Therefore this study aimed to reveal prevalence rates of BDD in the general population(More)
It has been proposed that German basic psychology journals should change publication language to English in order to facilitate access to research from German-speaking countries. However, to truly increase the dissemination of German research, it seems crucial to progress towards an internationalization of authors and readers. We applied bibliometric(More)
In the past, phenomenological research on subjective body experience was characterised by vaguely defined terminology and methodological shortcomings. The term "body image" has been applied heterogeneously in literature in order to describe a variety of bodily phenomena. In this paper, the German terminology applied to the phenomenology of body experiences(More)
OBJECTIVE The use of reproductive medical treatments has become increasingly routine in recent years. This paper reports on a study of how different aspects of modern reproductive medicine are perceived by the German population. DESIGN Findings from a nationally representative sample of 2110 men and women aged 18 to 50 are presented. Participants(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of the investigation was to explore the body image disturbance of anorexics and in-vitro-fertilization patients (IvF-patients) with Body Grid and Body Identity Plot. METHODS The paper reports on an empirical study conducted with 32 anorexic patients and 30 IvF-patients. The structure of the body image was derived from the Body Grid,(More)
Based upon the recent discussion on integrative approaches in psychotherapy research, the last two volumes of the PPmP were bibliometrically analyzed. The articles of authors which belong to different disciplines like psychosomatic or medical psychology were compared with respect to the word and speech statistic, leading representatives and the reception of(More)
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