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In a field study P and K uptake by two corn (Zea mays L.) genotypes which differed in root growth was investigated. The effect of differences in root growth on P and K uptake was assessed using a mechanistic-mathematical model which describes nutrient uptake by growing plant roots in soil. Nitrogen was applied at 0 and 227 kg ha−1 to Pioneer 3732 and(More)
The effect of phosphate (P), calcium (Ca), and pH on the dissolution of Sechura phosphate rock (SPR) in a Typic Dystrochrept was investigated in an incubation study over 90 days. Increasing the P status of the soil had little effect on either the rate or extent of dissolution of SPR, as measured by a single extraction with 0.5M NaOH, or on the amount of(More)
It is widely believed that New Zealand is blessed with large areas of versatile and élite soils, but the reality is that more than 65% of New Zealand's soils have some physical limitation to their use for pastoral agriculture. Failure to build this constraint into farm-system designs compromises the current production base, ongoing production gains and,(More)
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