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Morphodynamic development and sediment budget of the Dutch Wadden Sea over the last century
Abstract The availability of nearly 100 years of bathymetric measurements allows the analysis of the morphodynamic evolution of the Dutch Wadden Sea under rising sea level and increasing humanExpand
From river valley to estuary: the evolution of the Rhine mouth in the early to middle Holocene (western Netherlands, Rhine-Meuse delta)
Abstract The aim of this paper is to reconstruct the evolution of the early to middle Holocene Rhine-Meuse river mouths in the western Netherlands and to understand the observed spatial and temporalExpand
Ebb and Flood Channel Systems in the Netherlands Tidal Waters1
VAN VEEN, J.; VAN DER SPEK, A.J.F.; STIVE, M.J.F., and ZITMAN T., 2005. Ebb and flood channel systems in the Netherlands tidal waters. Journal of Coastal Research, 21(6), 1107–1120. West Palm BeachExpand
The Holocene evolution of the barrier and the back-barrier basins of Belgium and the Netherlands as a function of late Weichselian morphology, relative sea-level rise and sediment supply
Abstract Flooding of the southern part of the North Sea occurred between 9000 and 8000 BP, when the rate of relative sea-level rise was on the order of 0.7 cm per year for the Dover Strait Region andExpand
Sediment budget and morphological development of the Dutch Wadden Sea: impact of accelerated sea-level rise and subsidence until 2100
Abstract The Wadden Sea is a unique coastal wetland containing an uninterrupted stretch of tidal flats that span a distance of nearly 500km along the North Sea coast from the Netherlands to Denmark.Expand
Recent Coastal Dune Development: Effects of Sand Nourishments
Abstract BAKKER,M.A.J.; VANHETEREN, S.; VONHÖGEN, L.M.; VAN DER SPEK, A.J.F., and VAN DER VALK, L., 2012. Recent coastal dune development: effects of sand nourishments. Much of the Dutch coast hasExpand
Assessing Future Coastline Change in the Vicinity of Tidal Inlets via Reduced Complexity Modelling
ABSTRACT Bamunawala, J.; Ranasinghe, R.; van der Spek, A.; Maskey, S., and Udo, K., 2018. Assessing future coastline change in the vicinity of tidal inlets via reduced complexity modelling. In: Shim,Expand
The ‘Voordelta’, the contiguous ebb-tidal deltas in the SW Netherlands: large-scale morphological changes and sediment budget 1965–2013; impacts of large-scale engineering
Abstract The estuaries in the SW Netherlands, a series of distributaries of the rivers Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt known as the Dutch Delta, have been engineered to a large extent as part of the DeltaExpand
Long‐term evolution of the Old Rhine estuary: Unravelling effects of changing boundary conditions and inherited landscape
The long‐term morphodynamic evolution of estuaries depends on a combination of antecedent topography and boundary conditions, including fluvial input, sea‐level change and regional‐landscapeExpand
A Holistic Modeling Approach to Project the Evolution of Inlet-Interrupted Coastlines Over the 21st Century
Approximately one-quarter of the World’s sandy beaches, most of which are interrupted by tidal inlets, are eroding. Understanding the long-term (50–100 year) evolution of inlet-interrupted coasts inExpand