Ad A. van Bodegraven

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An insertion mutation at nucleotide 3020 (3020insC) in the CARD15 gene, originally reported as NOD2, has been strongly associated with Crohn's disease. The CARD15 G2722C missense mutation was also shown to be associated with this disease. We studied 130 Dutch Crohn's disease patients, with a median follow up of 9.2 years, in relation to the Vienna(More)
1. Reinshagen M, Schutz E, Armstrong VW, Behrens C, von Tirpitz C, Stallmach A, et al. 6-thioguanine nucleotide-adapted azathioprine therapy does not lead to higher remission rates than standard therapy in chronic active Crohn disease: results from a randomized, controlled, open trial. Clin Chem 2007;53:1306–14. 2. Shipkova M, Armstrong VW, Wieland E,(More)
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