Adérito Marcos

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Digital personalities are virtual characters that possess situation dependent, personality revealing behaviors. This paper introduces concepts, current and prospective usages of personality-rich virtual characters, and focus on authoring issues for artists that want to create digital portrays of digital persons. Different categories of digital personalities(More)
INTRODUCTION Alzheimer s disease (AD) is the most common neurodegenerative disease and (it accounts for 60-80 %). The certain diagnosis is made thanks to the brain patients study. Since 1970 there have been developed experimental models that have done a deep approach of this disease and new therapeutic researching. METHODS We review all the papers(More)
INTRODUCTION Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the first cause of dementia (60-80%). The causal genes with autosomal dominant inheritance in the early onset forms (APP, PSEN-1, PSEN-2) and one susceptibility gene in the late onset forms (APOE) are described. DEVELOPMENT Causal genes involved in the early onset forms account for approximately 5% of the total.(More)
A cartographic-oriented model uses algebraic map operations to perform spatial analysis of medical data relative to the human body. A prototype system uses 3D visualization techniques to deliver analysis results. A prototype implementation suggests the model might provide the basis for a medical application tool that introduces new information insight.