Adérito Marcos

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Digital personalities are virtual characters that possess situation dependent, personality revealing behaviors. This paper introduces concepts, current and prospective usages of personality-rich virtual characters, and focus on authoring issues for artists that want to create digital portrays of digital persons. Different categories of digital personalities(More)
Digital artifacts or "artistic applications" as they are usually called, aim at displaying information content by materializing concepts in a digital format. In this article the author explains about the concepts and definitions behind digital art and the technological issues related to artistic and cultural heritage applications. Artistic creation begins(More)
This article describes a prototype immersive musical instrument that expands the concepts of traditional musical elements and allows the integration of a spatial dimension using 3D music and sound objects into the musical environment by employing physical, visual, and sound immersion. From the prototype's evaluation results, we conclude that immersive(More)
1875-9521/$ see front matter 2010 International doi:10.1016/j.entcom.2010.12.003 ⇑ Corresponding author at: LEaD, Laboratory of Dis Open University, 1269-001 Lisbon, Portugal. Tel.: +351 150 183. E-mail address: (A. Marcos). The creation process in digital art relies often on collaborations between an artist (or group of artists) and a(More)
Digital art, as it is known in our time, entered the world of art in the late 1990s when cultural institutions such as museums and art galleries started progressively to include digital art installations in their exhibitions to support initiatives in this field. This was the result of some 50 years of previous experiments and seminal works exploring(More)
A cartographic-oriented model uses algebraic map operations to perform spatial analysis of medical data relative to the human body. A prototype system uses 3D visualization techniques to deliver analysis results. A prototype implementation suggests the model might provide the basis for a medical application tool that introduces new information insight.
The human body is composed of several systems and organs that have a specific and well located position within it. Each organ is usually related to one or more physiological data. There is a subtle spatial interdependency on human’s body structure and behaviour. Because of this, doctors usually execute a spatial analysis when diagnosing a disease in a(More)
In this paper a set of specific applications under development for the Portuguese Shoe Industry are presented. The applications include CAD/CAM, the visualisation of graphical information (related to shoe and shoe components models) and the management of production and prototyping information. Besides describing some of the R&D details of the(More)