Adélaïde Aschenbroich

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In New Caledonia, semi-intensive shrimp farms release untreated effluents into the mangrove. Foraminiferal assemblages were analyzed for assessing the impact of effluent release on the benthic compartment. Comparison was made between samples collected (1) in an effluent receiving mangrove before and after the rearing cycle, and (2) for one-year monitoring(More)
In order to investigate spatio-temporal variations in the composition and origin of the benthic organic matter (OM) at the sediment surface in mangrove receiving shrimp farm effluents, fatty acid (FA) biomarkers, natural stable isotopes (δ(13)C and δ(15)N), C:N ratios and chlorophyll-a (chl-a) concentrations were determined during the active and the(More)
This study aims to qualify, quantify, and compare the sediment reworking rates induced by the meso- (0.25–1 mm) and macro-infauna (>1 mm) along a mangrove growth gradient in the sedimentary dynamics of the French Guiana coast. The characterization of the role of small-infauna bioturbation in mangroves is new despite their known numerical dominance in(More)
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