Adám Zoltán Dávid

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[(3)H]noradrenaline ([(3)H]NA) released from sympathetic nerves in the isolated main pulmonary artery of the rabbit was measured in response to field stimulation (2Hz, 1ms, 60V for 3min) in the presence of uptake blockers (cocaine, 3 x10(-5)M and corticosterone, 5 x10(-5)M). The [(3)H]NA-release was fully blocked by the combined application of the selective(More)
In the present part of our series of papers a study on theophilline containing suppositories prepared in pharmacies is described. From the possible methods for assay of theophilline two nonaqueous titrations are compared. In first, theophilline is measured as a very weak base in a mixture of glacial acetic acid and acetic anhydride with perchloric acid(More)
Near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy was used to determine paracetamol, caffeine and lactose based excipient content of powders for direct compression and in intact tablet formulations as well. The nominal concentrations of the active moiety was different in each sample set, and calibration was carried out by multiple linear regression calculations(More)
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