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O UR ultimate aim in organizing this issue was to assemble a representative sample from the diverse collection of viewpoints and approaches regarding the relationship between rate and delay in reliable network communication. Multiple research communities study the relationship between these two metrics, defining and modeling them in related, but disparate(More)
We present a SCUBA submillimetre (450 and 850 µm) survey of the environment of 105 IRAS point sources, selected from the Wood & Churchwell (1989a) and Kurtz et al. (1994) radio ultracompact (UC) Hii region surveys. We detected a total of 155 sub-mm clumps associated with the IRAS point sources and identified three distinct types of object: ultracompact(More)
We investigate the use of different direct detection modulation formats in a wavelength switched optical network. We find the minimum time it takes a tunable sampled grating distributed Bragg reflector laser to recover after switching from one wavelength channel to another for different modulation formats. The recovery time is investigated utilizing a field(More)
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