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Wireless distributed sensor networks (WDSN) consists of numerous sensors, deployed at high density in regions requiring surveillance and monitoring. Researchers are currently resolving different technical aspects such as energy efficiency, network lifetime, scalability, load balancing etc. of this distributed network based on different applications.(More)
This work presents a method for online path planning based on graph traversal for autonomous mobile systems. A method using the Voronoi diagrams of obstacle dense areas for efficient planning is proposed. This method creates collision free paths for the vehicle in a receding horizon fashion on a per time-step basis, for environments where no prior map data(More)
A mobile adhoc network (MANET) is formed by a group of wireless mobile hosts or nodes without any fixed infrastructure. As there is no central control in a MANET, a mobile node itself acts as a router. A MANET may function in a stand-alone fashion or may be connected to the Internet. Undoubtedly, MANETs play a critical role in situations where a wired(More)
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