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Among the secondary metabolite lipopeptides produced by Bacillus subtilis, mycosubtilin is characterized by its strong antifungal activities. Even though its structure and its cellular target, the cytoplasmic membrane, have been determined, the molecular mechanisms of the biological activity of mycosubtilin have not been completely elucidated. In this work,(More)
GPI-anchored proteins are localized on the outer layer of plasma membranes and clustered in microdomains generally called lipid rafts. To study the interactions between the lipidic GPI-anchor of the protein and phospholipids, we used phosphatidylcholine monolayers at the air-water interface as a biomimetic membrane system and GPI-alkaline phosphatase(More)
The involvement of membrane-bound peptides and the influence of protein conformations in several neurodegenerative diseases lead us to analyze the interactions of model peptides with artificial membranes. Two model peptides were selected. The first one, an alanine-rich peptide, K3A18K3, was shown to be in alpha-helix structures in TFE, a membrane(More)
(31)P and (15)N solid-state NMR with the magic angle-oriented sample spinning (MAOSS) strategy was used to investigate the effect of two model peptides on phospholipid bilayers mimicking biological membrane. One of the peptides, alamethicin, used as a reference of transmembrane alignment, has been shown to disrupt the lipid bilayer organisation, affecting(More)
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