Achraf Ben-Hamadou

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This contribution deals with the calibration of active stereo-scopic systems consisting of a camera and a structured light projector. Usually, expensive equipments like precise calibration pieces or dedicated positioning devices are used for the projector calibration. We developed a flexible calibration method using only a planar target as calibration board(More)
Video endoscopy is one of the standard clinical procedures for visually detecting lesions on the internal wall of human bladders. In order to facilitate the diagnosis, it is helpful to build panoramic maps by registering consecutive images from the video sequence. We show how to efficiently reduce the computation time of graph cut based image registration(More)
3D extended field of views (FOVs) of the internal bladder wall facilitate lesion diagnosis, patient follow-up and treatment traceability. In this paper, we propose a 3D image mosaicing algorithm guided by 2D cystoscopic video-image registration for obtaining tex-tured FOV mosaics. In this feasibility study, the registration makes use of data from a 3D(More)
Lip-reading (LR) systems play an important role for automatic speech recognition when acoustic information is corrupted or unavailable. This article proposes an adaptive LR system for speech segment recognition using image and depth data. In addition to 2D images, the proposed system handles depth data that are very informative about 3D lips’ deformations(More)