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To define the molecular basis of alcohol drinking behaviors, the effects of voluntary ethanol intake on the expression of Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase IV (CaM kinase IV) and on the expression and phosphorylation of cAMP responsive element binding protein (CREB) [corrected] in the nucleus accumbens (NAc), central amygdala, and frontal cortex of(More)
This investigation examined the effects of chronic ethanol treatment (15 days) and its withdrawal (24 h) on the expression and phosphorylation of cyclic AMP-response element-binding (CREB) protein in the rat cortex. The effects of chronic ethanol treatment and withdrawal on protein kinase A (PKA) activity and on the expression of the regulatory RII-beta-(More)
Addiction to nicotine may result in molecular adaptations in the neurocircuitry of specific brain structures via changes in the cyclic AMP-responsive element binding protein (CREB)-dependent gene transcription program. We therefore investigated the effects of chronic nicotine exposure and its withdrawal on CREB and phosphorylated CREB (p-CREB) protein(More)
Lissencephaly is a malformation of cortical development typically caused by deficient neuronal migration resulting in cortical thickening and reduced gyration. Here we describe a "thin" lissencephaly (TLIS) variant characterized by megalencephaly, frontal predominant pachygyria, intellectual disability, and seizures. Trio-based whole-exome sequencing and(More)
Mutations in the catalytic subunit of phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PIK3CA) and other PI3K-AKT pathway components have been associated with cancer and a wide spectrum of brain and body overgrowth. In the brain, the phenotypic spectrum of PIK3CA-related segmental overgrowth includes bilateral dysplastic megalencephaly, hemimegalencephaly and focal cortical(More)
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