Achin Jain

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Demand response (DR) is becoming increasingly important as the volatility on the grid continues to increase. Current DR approaches are completely manual and rule-based or involve deriving first principles based models which are extremely cost and time prohibitive to build. We consider the problem of data-driven end-user DR for large buildings which involves(More)
With the increasing demand of web-based applications, they have become more prone to be exploited by the attackers. The purpose of this paper is to study the effects of web-based attacks and analyze the log files generated during the attacks. We have implemented Attribute Length Method proposed by Krugel for the detection of web-based attacks. In the(More)
Software inspection is a method to detect errors in software artefacts early in the development cycle. At the end of the inspection process the inspectors need to make a decision whether the inspected artefact is of sufficient quality or not. Several methods have been proposed to assist in making this decision like capture recapture methods and Bayesian(More)
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