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Two recent reports have highlighted ANK3 as a susceptibility gene for bipolar disorder (BD). We first reported association between BD and the ANK3 marker rs9804190 in a genome-wide association study (GWAS) of two independent samples (Baum et al., 2008). Subsequently, a meta-analysis of GWAS data based on samples from the US and the UK reported association(More)
1. The nematode Steinernema feltiae has been developed commercially as a biocontrol agent and is successful in controlling sciarid flies in mushroom houses. We used a simple model developed in parallel with a series of field trials, to optimize the application strategy of the nematode. 2. The first field trial provided life-history parameter estimates for(More)
Background: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is currently the insufflation gas of choice for laparoscopy. It fulfills most of the requirements for an ideal insufflation gas, being colorless, noninflammable, and rapidly excreted from the circulation. However, its use is associated with adverse cardiorespiratory effects, especially in patients with preexisting(More)
Clozapine is a unique compound that is particularly effective for treatment-resistant schizophrenia (TRS). The use of clozapine is limited, however, due to the 0.8% risk of agranulocytosis, which necessitates a strict monitoring of neutrophil counts to detect early neutropenia and prevent progression to agranulocytosis. The US Food and Drug Administration(More)
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