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This paper presents an approach to disambiguating verb senses which differ wrt. the inferences they allow. It combines standard ontological tools and formalisms with in-depth formal semantic analysis and is therefore more formalised and more detailed than existing lexical semantic resources like WordNet and FrameNet. The resource presented here implements(More)
The treatment of medieval texts is a particular challenge for parsers. I compare how two dependency parsers, one graph-based, the other transition-based, perform on Old French, facing some typical problems of medieval texts: graphical variation, relatively free word order, and syntactic variation of several parameters over a diachronic period of about 300(More)
  • Björn Michael Rothstein, Veronika Ehrich, +12 authors Achim Stein
  • 2007
2006 2 Ich erkläre hiermit, dass ich, abgesehen, von den im Literaturverzeichnis aufgeführten Quellen und den Ratschlägen von den jeweils namentlich aufgeführten Personen, die Dissertation selbständig verfasst habe. Acknowledgements My first teacher in linguistics, Veronika Ehrich, suggested a couple of years ago a short term paper on the Swedish present(More)
Among the eight tasks of the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC), the driving task was one of the most challenging. Obstacles in the course prevented straight driving and restricted communications limited the situation awareness of the operator. In this video we show how Team Hector and Team ViGIR successfully completed the driving task with different robot(More)
The identification of rare and novel senses is a challenge in lexicography. In this paper, we present a new method for finding such senses using a word aligned multilingual parallel corpus. We use the Europarl corpus and therein concentrate on French verbs. We represent each occurrence of a French verb as a high dimensional term vector. The dimensions of(More)
With the growth of computational power in recent years, complex autonomous robot systems have become a possibility. To increase their flexibility and adaptability, learning mechanisms are necessary for robot control. In this paper, I present two recent legged robot-systems that use machine-learning in their foothold-selection process. It was found that(More)
Philologist: I need to parse Old French texts of different types (verse, prose, dialects etc.). Do I have to train separate parser models? Computational Linguist: You won’t lose much if you train the parser on all the data you have. P: I can’t do the training myself. What can I expect from existing parser models? C: If the training corpus contained 12th(More)
The SFB 732 Incremental specification in context aims at providing a formal characterization of the mechanisms that are involved in the process of disambiguation at all levels of linguistic analysis. The SFB is an interdisciplinary research center, where theoretical linguists in collaboration with computational linguists work closely together to provide a(More)