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The paper looks, from a perspective of institutional economics, at a process of change of rules and organisational practises in the forestry sector, particularly drawing on a case study of small-scale private forest owners in the Allgäu, Bavaria. It is argued that the process of change may be initiated by the traditional factors mentioned by the various(More)
Overexploitation of common-pool resources, resulting from uncooperative harvest behavior, is a major problem in many social-ecological systems. Feedbacks between user behavior and resource productivity induce non-linear dynamics in the harvest and the resource stock that complicate the understanding and the prediction of the co-evolutionary system. With an(More)
Through its work in Germany and in the United Kingdom, the Anglo-German Foundation seeks to foster dialogue and cooperation between the two countries. It supports research projects, seminars and conferences promoting the exchange of experience and ideas in the social, political and economic areas. Die Deutsch-Britische Stiftung möchte mittels ihrer(More)
Currently, a substantial institutional change is under way for marine and coastal resources. Sustainability plays a major role therein. At the time of writing, roughly 2.3% of the marine and coastal territory has been declared a Marine Protected Area (MPA). The Convention of Biological Diversity set a target to protect 10% of the global marine environment(More)
Natural resource users face a trade-off between present and future consumption. Using harmful methods or extracting unsustainably, lowers future consumption. Therefore, it is reasonable to posit that people with higher time preferences extract more as compared to people with lower time preferences. The present study combines experimental methods and(More)
This paper presents the results of a two-year trans-disciplinary research project investigating opportunities and limitations of the Swiss 2000-Watt/1-ton CO 2 society vision for the transformation of industrial sites into liveable neighbourhoods. By involving local stakeholders we elaborated four plausible scenarios for the transformation of an industrial(More)
In this paper, we present what was learned in the research & design process of a decentralized ventilation system with chilled ceilings for a commercial office in Singapore. We make two key observations from the knowledge gathered. First, we observe, in quantitative terms, that present-day radiant cooling panel products may not provide sufficient sensible(More)
We investigate the ecological impact caused by fishing grounds and the fishing gear/methods used by fishers in Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta (CGSM), an estuarine lagoon located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. To do so, we build individual and composite ecological sustainable indicators based on the opinions of a group of experienced fishers and a group(More)