Achim Schäfer

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Termites play a major role in the recycling of photosynthetically fixed carbon. With the aid of their symbiotic intestinal flora, they are able to degrade extensively wood constituents such as cellulose and hemicellulose. Nevertheless, the microbial species involved in the degradation of hemicelluloses are poorly defined. The purpose of this paper was to(More)
Face recognition systems have to deal with the problem that not all variations of all persons can be enrolled. Rather, the variations of most persons must be modeled. Explicit modeling of different poses is awkward and time consuming. Here, we present a subsystem that builds a model of pose variation by keeping a model database of persons in both poses,(More)
We present our idea of solving parts of the vision task with an organic computing approach. We have designed a multiagent system (MAS) of many different modules working on different tasks towards the same goal, the recognition of a human gesture. We will introduce our point of view of an agent and how a group of agents can cooperate with other organically(More)
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