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The TanDEM-X mission will derive a global digital elevation model (DEM) with satellite SAR interferometry. Height references play an important role to ensure the required height accuracy of 10m absolute and 2m relative for 90% of the data. In this paper the main height reference data sets ICESat (for DEM calibration), SRTM (for phase unwrapping) and(More)
In this article we present a technique for fast and robust change detection based on the curvelet transform. The curvelet transform is a two dimensional further development of the well-known wavelet transform that reconstructs the original image by ridge-like features, called ridgelets, in different scales, directions and positions. Geocoded SAR amplitude(More)
This article compares four different alternative image representations in the context of a structure-based change detection. The framework is taken from the already published Curvelet-based change detection approach. Only the transform step is modified by inserting three additional transforms: the Laplacian pyramid, the Wavelet and the Surfacelet transform.(More)