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  • A. Roth
  • 2003
TerraSAR-X is a new German radar satellite that shall be launched in mid 2005 with a lifetime of 5 years. It carries a high frequency X-band SAR sensor that can be launched in three different modes and polarizations. The spotlight-, stripmap- and scanSAR-modes provide high resolution images for detailed analysis as well as wide swath data whenever a larger(More)
The German national SAR-satellite system TerraSAR-X is based on a public-private-partnership agreement between the German Aerospace center DLR and EADS Astrium GmbH. It is the continuation of the scientifically and technologically successful radar missions X-SAR (1994) and SRTM (2000) and is designed for scientific and commercial applications. The(More)
The TanDEM-X mission will derive a global digital elevation model (DEM) with satellite SAR interferometry. Height references play an important role to ensure the required height accuracy of 10m absolute and 2m relative for 90% of the data. In this paper the main height reference data sets ICESat (for DEM calibration), SRTM (for phase unwrapping) and(More)
TerraSAR-X is a new German radar satellite that shall be launched in mid 2006. The expected lifetime is 5 years. It carries a high frequency X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) sensor that can be operated in different modes and polarisation. The Spotlight-, Stripmap-and ScanSAR-modes provide high resolution SAR images for detailed analysis as well as wide(More)
In the framework of the Shuttle Radar Topography Mapper (SRTM) Mission the generation of high-quality Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) with global coverage of the earth's surface is envisaged. In this mission, which is scheduled for late 1999 on NASA's space shuttle, single-pass Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) data will be acquired and(More)
In this article we present a technique for fast and robust change detection based on the curvelet transform. The curvelet transform is a two dimensional further development of the well-known wavelet transform that reconstructs the original image by ridge-like features, called ridgelets, in different scales, directions and positions. Geocoded SAR amplitude(More)
We demonstrate that interferometric observations of the M w 6.6 Bam (Iran) earthquake on December 26, 2003 acquired by Envisat-ASAR can not only map surface displacements and constrain fault models, but can also be used for damage mapping using the coherence magnitude. The Bam earthquake was the deadliest earthquake in 2003. An estimated 30000 people were(More)
Urbanization is arguably the most dramatic form of highly irreversible land transformation. While urbanization is a worldwide phenomenon, it is exceptionally dynamic in India, where unprecedented urban growth rates have occurred over the last 30 years. In this uncontrolled explosive situation city planning lacks of data and information to measure, monitor,(More)