Achim Mildenberger

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Two exact relations between mutlifractal exponents are shown to hold at the critical point of the Anderson localization transition. The first relation implies a symmetry of the multifractal spectrum linking the exponents with indices q<1/2 to those with q>1/2. The second relation connects the wave-function multifractality to that of Wigner delay times in a(More)
We develop the concept of surface multifractality for localization-delocalization (LD) transitions in disordered electronic systems. We point out that the critical behavior of various observables related to wave functions near a boundary at a LD transition is different from that in the bulk. We illustrate this point with a calculation of boundary critical(More)
We present an ultrahigh-precision numerical study of the spectrum of multifractal exponents Deltaq characterizing anomalous scaling of wave function moments |psi|2q at the quantum Hall transition. The result reads Deltaq=2q(1-q)[b0+b1(q-1/2)2+cdots, three dots, centered], with b0=0.1291+/-0.0002 and b1=0.0029+/-0.0003. The central finding is that the(More)
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