Achim Kempf

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To unify general relativity and quantum theory is hard in part because they are formulated in two very different mathematical languages, differential geometry and functional analysis. A natural candidate for bridging this language gap, at least in the case of the Euclidean signature, is the discipline of spectral geometry. It aims at describing curved(More)
We derive a two-parameter family of generalized entropies, S pq , and means m pq. To this end, assume that we want to calculate an entropy and a mean for n non-negative real numbers {x 1 ,…,x n }. For comparison, we consider {m 1 ,…,m k } where m i = m for all i = 1,…,k and where m and k are chosen such that the l p and l q norms of {x 1 ,…,x n } and {m 1(More)
It has been suggested that the minimization of the probability for lethal mutations is a major constraint shaping the genetic code [1]. Indeed, the genetic code has been found highly protective against transitions [2]. Here, we show that data on polymerase-induced frameshifts provide a rationale for the codon assignment of chain termination signals (CTS).(More)
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