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Two Years of Experience with a Net Zero Energy Balance - Analysis of the Swiss MINERGIE-A Standard
Abstract With the net zero energy balance for heating, domestic hot water, ventilation and auxiliary energy, the Swiss MINERGIE-A Standard is a major step towards standardized, economically feasibleExpand
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GAPxPLORE: Energy Performance Gap in existing, new, and renovated buildings: Learning from large-scale datasets
The GAPxPLORE project aims to evaluate the EPG in the Swiss building stock. It studies how the EPG is distributed among the building typologies (performance level and age). Large-scale datasets fromExpand
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Timber building technology – a way to increase energy efficiency in buildings
Timber frame buildings usually have very good thermal insulation. Their construction is generally suited to meet high standards in respect to low energy consumption. Heat bridges are more easilyExpand
GEMEN Implementation of Power-to-Gas in the Building Sector
This is a project of initiation in which the application of the Power-to-Gas future technology is investigated on plausibility for generating renewable methane for space heating and hot water inExpand
Load Control by Demand Side Management to Support Grid Stability in Building Clusters
Increasing numbers of photovoltaic systems and heat pumps in existing building clusters can lead to an overload of the associated electric grid substations. Expand
Multi-agent based simulation of smart building cluster for electric grid stabilization
A multi-agent based simulation of a building cluster studies the impact of building flexibility in regard to the residual substation load. Expand
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Error Estimation of Blower Door Measurements by Computer Simulation
Computer simulation of building airtightness measurements shows the e ect of changes in pressure distribution across the building envelope due to wind force and temperature di erence on measurementExpand
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The prebound-effect in detail: real indoor temperatures in basements and measured versus calculated U-values
Abstract This paper focuses on the topics U-values and indoor air temperatures of unheated basements with uninsulated cellar ceilings. Measurement values are compared with calculation proceduresExpand
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Passive window ventilation openings in every-day use
In Switzerland, 70 % of building refurbishments are realised in stages. When only a window replacement is done, the new airtight windows can lead to a reduced infiltration air exchange andExpand
Electric vehicle batteries in energy storage systems: An economic analisys for Swiss residentials
Battery energy storage (BES) systems for residential buildings can contribute to power grid stability. The demand for decentralized storage capacity in Switzerland is expected to rise due toExpand
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